2018 AAZK National Conference

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October 4 - October 8, 2018

Survival Guide: Adjusting To Our Altitude

  • Altitude sickness is real!
    • You will be literally a mile above sea level during your visit to Denver and if you visit our mountains, the tallest of them are 14,000 ft. You might not climb a "fourteener" while you are here, but even at a mile height, visitors to our city experience altitude sickness. Learn  more about how to prevent altitude sickness here.
  • Stay hydrated.
    • Drink a lot of water! Before your trip to Denver, and while you are here, drinking plenty of water is the number one way to help your body adjust easily to our higher altitude. The low humidity in Colorado keeps the air dry, like the desert, so drink twice as much water as you would at home.
  • Ya can't hold your liquor. No, really.
    • Monitor your liquor intake. Alcoholic drinks pack more of a punch here than at sea level. It is recommended you drink less alcohol while visiting here, as its effects will feel stronger.
  • Ol' Mary Jane
    • Marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, but there are state and federal regulations that you should be aware of before smoking or consuming edibles. Also, it is illegal to smoke marijuana in public spaces, and smoking is not allowed in bars or in your hotel room. Marijuana will affect you more here than it does at home due to our elevation. So if you do partake: do it in moderation.
  • Getting physical. Physical.
    • Moderate your physical activity. The effects of exercise are more intense here. If you normally run 10 miles a day at home, you might try 6 miles in Denver.
  • You're landlocked, don't become a lobster.
    • Prepare for intense sun exposure. With less water vapor in the air at this altitude, there's 25 percent less protection from the sun, so pack sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and lip balm with SPF protection. Lightweight long sleeved shirts are also recommended.
  • We're the Katy Perry of States: Hot, Cold, Yes, No...
    • Pack for a wide range of temperatures. Before your trip to Denver, check the weather. While we do get some periods of rain during the summer., Denver receives more than 300 days of sunshine each year, so expect hot and dry weather. Because the sun is especially powerful in Denver, it can feel much warmer thatn the actual temperature during the daytime, but the evenings can be cool. It is best to layer your clothing.